June 2017

Time To TEXIT Compact Discs Now Available!


Be the fist kid on your block to have a hard copy of TEXIT… The National Anthem Of Texas Secession!

Buy copies right here at keefeauber.com!

Time To TEXIT Available for Download

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Keefe's debut release Time To TEXIT is up and running and ready for as much downloading as you're prepared to commence ordering at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many other great online music sites. The time is now… it's officially Time To TEXIT!

Sample Songs, Download Tracks, or Buy CD at keefeauber.com

Also available at most online music sites, including

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New Website

Believe it or not, Keefe used to make websites… a real high-tech wiz. But trying to make a new, up to date site for himself turned out to be a challenge. As Bob Dylan once said, "Things Have Changed". So getting by with a little help from his friends, we give you the new Keefe Auber website… in all its glory!